This section covers Insta's basic rules. For more information about our rules, please scroll down to the "Advanced Information" section.

  1. Modifications which provide a gameplay advantage are not allowed. This rule includes but is not limited to relog scripts, x-ray, and fly/speed hacks.
  2. Keep chat respectful
  1. Repeating messages, repeating characters, unnecessary spaces, excessive capitals are all forms of spam
  2. No advertising other Minecraft servers, other Discord servers, streams, and YouTube channels.
  3. Do not talk about sensitive topics in global chat.
  4. Refrain from directing swears toward others or harassing anyone in other ways.
  5. Do not paste links to malicious or inappropriate content.
  6. Please speak English in global chat.

3. Do not assist others in breaking our rules.
4. Please inform a staff member if an exploit exists so it can be patched.
5. Do not use alt accounts to evade restrictions on your main account, including bans and mutes.
6. Do not build lag machines.
7. Do not grief or steal.
8. Traps and inappropriate builds are not allowed. Please build at least 100 blocks away from the nearest build.
9. Killing other players is only allowed in PvP arenas.
10. Use common sense and listen to staff.

1. Clients

1.1 Mods

Modifications which give the player a gameplay advantage over other players are not allowed.This rule does not apply to:
  • Optifine
  • Xaero's Minimap andVoxelMap
  • Litematica and Schematica, but the printer mode is not allowed
  • Fullbright
  • ReplayMod if used only for video recording purposes
  • BetterPvP Fair-Play 
  • Badlion
  • Autoclicker scripts which occasionally click for you for afk fishing or grinding purposes.

All other modifications/clients are banned

1.2 Rescource Packs

Resource packs that make the game more aesthetically pleasing are allowed. However, x-ray packs (resource packs that allow you to see through opaque blocks) are prohibited.

1. Chat

2.1 Spam

Messages which are similar to each other must be sent at least 5 minutes apart. 

2.2 Capital Letters

Unnecessarily capitalizing letters is not allowed.
ex. tHiS wOuLd aLsO nOt bE aLlOwEd.

2.3 Advertising

  • Advertising another Minecraft server or websites relating to other Minecraft servers in the global chat is not allowed, nor is it allowed to mass advertise in direct messages. However, discussing other Minecraft servers is allowed, as is asking a few close friends in direct messages to join another server.
  • Advertising another minecraft server in your Discord username or your Discord status are not allowed.        
  • Advertising Insta on other Minecraft servers is also not allowed unless they explicitly allow it.
  • Advertising your Twitch or any other stream is allowed while playing on Insta or if your channel is dedicated solely to Insta.
  • You may advertise other Discord servers in global chat channels such as #general if and only if the Discord server is dedicated solely to Insta.

2.4 Toxicity

  • Swearing on Acorn is allowed, but can not be directed at another player.
  • Impersonating others is not allowed.
The use of offensive or disturbing language is not allowed.
Annoying others is not allowed. Bragging about "breaking the economy" is considered a form of annoying other players.
Forwarding chain messages in the Discord is not allowed.
Bullying, harassment, and name-calling are not allowed.
Hate Speech, discrimination in any form, such as negative comments related to skin color, race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion/beliefs, or other personal qualities are not allowed.
Leading or encouraging violence or hatred towards other players is not allowed.
Do not accuse other players of hacking in global chat. Do not joke about using hacks.